When Shiamak Davar embarked upon a journey twenty years back, dance as a profession had limited scope and its potential was under estimated. As a performing arts enthusiast from childhood, Shiamak understood his goal towards making dance reach everyone and took the struggle as a challenge to come out strong. His early rejection made him even more determined to keep going and today he has succeeded in the spread of dance as education.
Shiamak introduced western jazz dance in India, brought with it the technique and knowledge to produce wholesome performers. With international exposure, association with top names in the industry and extensive study, Shiamak’s focus on technique and knowledge earned him a respect of a guru. Extending the reach of dance from just a hobby to a full-fledged career option opened floodgates for dance enthusiasts across the country. Professionalism, stage discipline, creative use of props and sets, costume design, physical fitness, strength and flexibility and technique are the aspects that Shiamak touched upon through his training.

A movement that started in Mumbai two decades back branched out to over 14 cities, 87 dance studios and a student base of over 70,000 within the country. Shiamak took upon the onus of personally training his dance company to ensure trained professionals passing on the knowledge. Soon, the global appeal in his choreography found international audiences and he extended his dance school in Canada, Australia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and USA. The guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak took India on the global map through performing arts and introduced Shiamak Style (Contemporary), Shiamak’s Indo-Jazz Dance Movement, Shiamak’s Bollywood Jazz, Shabop (Hip Hop & Street Funk), Salsa, and Shiamak’s Yoga – Inner Dance Movement that are a testimony of Shiamak’ s innovative spirit and vision.


Shiamak’s dance classes reach out to students from age group 4 to 84 years. Children are very open to the process of learning and Shiamak wished to inculcate this spirit at an early age. Shiamak’s vision to reach everyone found a new dimension in schools where students could be trained during their formative years and physical fitness could become a way of life.

With a well-structured syllabus and an academic perspective, Shiamak has taken dance education to schools and colleges across the country through the ‘Shiamak Dance Education’(SDE) program. Strengthening Shiamak’s motto of ‘Have Feet.Will Dance’, its objective is to offer every student training, knowledge of fundamentals, styles and techniques. ‘Shiamak Dance Education’ also helps students to de-stress and develop well-rounded personalities. Dance enables a direct expression of emotion and thought, and this program assists them in giving it the right direction through a creative medium. Dance knowledge, physical fitness, mental stimulation and personality development are the basic pillars of these dance sessions.

Within a few years of the inception, ‘Shiamak Dance Education’ found patrons in top schools and was well received by Principals parents, trustees and students alike. Today with 30,000 school students as a part of the SDE program, schools have incorporated the SDE sessions in their regular curriculum with evident improvement in their students.


The guru of modern and contemporary dance, Shiamak is known for mentoring technically and theoretically flawless dancers. The emphasis lays on complete knowledge and impeccable training has produced the country’s most versatile dancers.

Shiamak’s One Year Dance Certification Program (OYP) started in 1995, gives dance enthusiasts a platform to train and learn the fundamentals of dance, its various forms and the intricacies. Through the course of one year, the OYP focuses on extensive training offering a wide array of dance styles with a special focus on Shiamak Style, giving them a wholesome experience, and at a professional level access to global opportunities.

With exceptional faculty, holistic curriculum and innovative teaching methods, the highlight of the course is master classes conducted by Shiamak himself, training them in Shiamak Style. An association with America’s premier dance school Debbie Allen Dance Academy (DADA) gives students a chance to learn western styles from the best international faculty.

The program covers all aspects of performing arts; various dance styles (Shiamak Style, ballet, modern contemporary, jazz, hop-hop, salsa, broadway, malakhamb, yoga, dance therapy, backstage and production, show management, hands on experience at live shows, lectures on light and sound management and diet and nutrition.