XSport Coaching Ltd is a United Kingdom based sports services company, which was established in 2003.
XSport Coaching deliver sports programs across the world for youth age groups, through highly qualified and experienced coaches, using partner professional clubs and associations across a number of sports. Since 2003 XSport have developed a sports development program that assists young people in life and sport. A number of professional clubs and organisations have fully backed the quality of the work we deliver, and a list of these clubs and associations can be seen at the end of this description.
Our program concentrates on the development of individuals in both life and sport. Our philosophy and belief is that in order for any individual to improve at sport, it is vital that they can interact with other people, and are able to interact with other people and can also understand and show respect and humility to others around them.
Discipline and life skills are needed with a desire to learn, continually improve, and most of all enjoy their work in sport.
We feel that sport is a multi national conduit for young people to develop and improve their life skills, which can ultimately provide excellent health both physically and mentally. Individually they gain confidence and learn to interact with different types of people using good social behaviour patterns and care. They learn how to deal with disappointment and enjoy success in the right manner, which can assist in any future career path.
In our sessions, we bring those life skills together with a development program in whichever sport they choose. Our program for every session covers 4 key skills in sport:
Tactical knowledge for their chosen sport
We deliver these key components in a structured program using their life skills to enhance their, knowledge, enjoyment and ability in the sport they choose.
Hers is an example of some of the professional clubs and organisations across the world that XSport have partnered:
FC Barcelona, Brazilian Futsal Federation, Cruff Institute, English Football Association, RPT, British Basketball, UK Athletics Association and European Golf.
Xsport Basketball – Grades 1 to 5, Grades 6 to 8
Xsport Mini Tennis – Preschool – 3 and 4 years, KG
Xsport Soccer Tots – Preschool – 3 and 4 years, KG
Xsport Try-Golf – Preschool – 3 and 4 years, KG
Xsport Table Tennis – Grades 1 to 5
Xsport Tennis – Grades 1 to 5