Story Train!
smalltalesbanner3If you love stories then we want to meet you! Story Train is storytelling of course, but so much more! In addition to reading and performing parts of our stories, we work with our audience to try to understand the story better and to investigate the characters, their goals, and what they’re trying to teach us. Through activities we keep the stories alive long after the last page is turned. Our goals are to instill a love of reading and an appreciation of the fact that each one of us is entirely unique in the world– there will never, ever be another person exactly like any one of us. That means all of us have something important to contribute. And it all starts with a story!
For Middle School:
On Your Mark, Get Set, Story!
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This is a workshop for people who love to read, but who also love looking “behind the scenes.”
Everyone loves to read stories, but what is the difference between any group of words on a page and a story? Is there a difference? Is a story something special?
In this workshop, students will learn the parts of a story, from beginning to end. But not only that!
They will learn some of the secrets that our favorite authors use to grab our interest and keep it. But not only that! In addition to learning about all of these things, the students will start to DO them, creating the building blocks of amazing stories and unforgettable characters right in this class itself.
For High School:
Tall Tales
This creative writing workshop is designed for not just anyone who loves stories, but for anyone who loves writing AND would like to write stories one day.
Whether you’re considering being a reporter, an author, a Literature major, a film maker, a lawyer, or a blogger, the rules on what makes an unforgettable story remain the same.
We’ll take you through the essential, core elements of any story while also telling you why that’s important. Building off of that foundation, we’ll show you how to discover, plan, and eventually write the kinds of stories that will inspire, shock, amuse, and astound audiences.
This is a whole new way of looking at creative writing. And it’s also incredibly fun.
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