Toon Club’s Animation Program: Silhouette Animation
Grades : Gr 3 – Gr 8
Number of Children per Class: 10

Course Description

• Children will watch clips of the first animated Feature Film ‘Adventures of Prince Achmed’

• They will learn the art of Lotte Reiniger who created all her films using Silhouette animation

• They create a storyboard

• They create background and silhouette characters and props

• They animate using the silhouette technique of animation

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Toon Club’s Animation ProGram: Bird Fly Animation
Grade: Gr 3 – Gr 8
Number of Children per Class :10

Course Description:

• Children first learn one of the 12 principles of animation called Drag and Snap Principle. Anything that is fixed on one end and lose at the other end follows this principle.

• They animate a sea weed animation and a dogs wagging tail on a specially designed flip book

• Once they are thorough with the 14 steps of the drag and snap principle, children design and a background and a bird. They then animate the bird flapping it’s wings and flying

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Toon Club’s Animation ProGram: Make your own cartoon movie

Number of Children per Class15
Course Description 3• Children watch the first cartoon film ever made.

• Definition of animation

• Frames concept & Persistence of Vision

• Children will be given a theme. They will create a storyboard, create characters and props based on the theme

• Once their storyboard is final, children will animate using traditional hand-drawn animation technique.