Wall Climbing

Instructor: Crecencio Gomes / Kevin Dsouza
Grade: 2 – 3 

Number of Children per Class: 8

The course is an introduction to fundamentals of technique, and safety of rock climbing in an indoor climbing gym.

Course Objectives:

1.To gain an understanding of policies of the ASB climbing wall.

2.To gain an understanding of the proper techniques for using rock climbing equipment: harness, shoes, belay device, carabiner, anchors. Understand the limitations of rock climbing equipment.

3. To understand the principles of knot tying and be able to tie a figure eight follow through knot.

4.To learn the techniques of belaying a climber.

5.To learn and understand CBC (challenge by choice) and Risk taking for different high elements.


Grade Level : 4 – 5 and Grades 6 – 12


Class size – 15

Covering safety and basic indoor climbing technique, this class introduces climbers to safety practices, fundamental climbing knots, belay technique, climbing movement and basic climbing equipment and terms.

Course covers efficient climbing movement techniques, basic training principles for improving your climbing and will reinforce best safety practices for climbing and bouldering.

Introducing the Basics of Sport Climbing with a brief History about the Sport. Learn type of Holds, Climbing Techniques for Climbing on the Wall, Maintaining of Centre of Gravity, Various Climbing Postures for Sport Climbing, Types of Competition Climbing, Safety Equipments & its Uses and Rope Controlling and its Management. No experience necessary.