Grades: EC3 – KG

Kids will experience the joys of growing herbs, nurturing the plants, and then learning how to use them in the food they eat. The cycle of what we grow is what we eat is what we are, will be experienced by the children. We will also play various stimuli induced games to enhance awareness like smell and tell. We will conduct interactive ‘smell and tell’ games, to identify various herbs and encourage growing them organically at home. Participants would also get to take home their own pot with a choice of herbs, which they can use to further build their kitchen garden.


Grades: Gr 1 – Gr 2

It is often said that the Indian monsoon awakens nature from its deep sleep. Plants grow best in monsoon season, and everything is extremely lush and green. Kids will learn all about various garden creatures, the role they play and learn about plants which grow best in monsoon. The teachings will be through various outdoor activities like scavenger hunts and treasure hunts. Plant propagation through cutting seeds and root separation would also be taught, along with other activities and games. Kids will get to take home their very own creeper plants.


Grades: Gr 3 – Gr 5

In big cities, having your garden space is next to impossible. This is where we came up with the idea that we can make a garden even in a jar! Kids will learn to create their mini-eco systems by the end of 5 days. We will also conduct experiments with soil to see which is the best soil we can use to grow plants. Participants will learn about the different species of plants and learn how to create a plant ecosystem in a jar. They will be taught about the importance of layering the jar with various materials, to enable creation of a green-house effect in the jar. Participants will plant a sapling in the jar, decorate it and take home their terrarium.


Grades: Gr 3 – Gr 5

Seeds are the most important part of the plant, however most of the times are not given the limelight they deserve. A seed is indestructible, until it experiences conditions which are conducive to let it sprout. In this session, we will focus on seeds, and demonstrate how plant-life actually begins. Seeds come in a great variety of shapes, sizes, and colors, and we will conduct experiments to see growth while using various stimuli across different stages. Activities will be focused around seeds, and we will introduce the kids to seeds like wheat, corn, mustard and some legumes


Grades: Gr 3 – Gr 5

In this session we will grow plants in various shapes, while using colored flowers/plants. We will work with flowers, butterflies and other colorful garden objects to beautify the garden, just like a rainbow. Children will be introduced to topiary and landscapes, and will be taught the various elements of what goes into designing your green magical garden. We will also showcase pictures of some of the best and well decorated gardens across the world, kids are welcome to bring their pictures to share with the rest of the class.