Course Name:Drama-Rama
Grades : 2 – 3
Course Description: Get ready to sing and move and act out stories and songs and dances. Learn new skills and patterns which help pre-literacy skills. Rhythmic Play and stories are a children’s way of making sense and nonsense of their  world. Come learn and play with Ms. Laura as she shares her many years of drama, dance and perceptual motor expertise. We will put on an informance and show off for family and friends!


Course Name: Dance Drama / Move and Groove
Grades : 4 – 5
Course Description:

Students get to act out favorite stories, create skits and dances and learn favorite popular activity songs with friends. The physical and social aspects of learning while developing dramatic scenes and dances is the focus for the session. A final performance shows family and friends what the weeks have included although the product is only one aspect of the benefit of the experience. The kids are most excited to be seen doing what they have enjoyed most!


Course Name: Moving Stories …
Grades : 2- 3
Course Description: Older students will learn theatre styles and techniques to apply to performing set scenes, movement pieces and devising their own stories to enact. A variety of techniques will be taught and explored including: Viewpoints, Playback Theatre, Laban Movement and Improvisation. No experience is necessary just a willingness to learning by doing.