Course Title: Push 2: MIDI Controllerism
Age group: Grade 4 – Grade 12
Course Description: Music Technology has been continuously redefining the way we make music and now with MIDI Controllerism it has opened up a world to a whole new way of live performance, where an entire band or orchestra can be played by a single artist.

There are many controllers out there each with their own unique features which aim to create a more creative approach to live performance.

This course focuses on the Ableton Push 2, a brand new controller released by Ableton. Learn how to use it as an instrument and learn the various techniques of Controllerism.

Right from finger drumming to playing chords, melodies and bass either playing it in live or step sequencing it, the possibilities are endless.


Electronic Music Production in Ableton

Grades: 6 – 12


The ever popular genre of Electronic Music has comea long way and has expanded its horizons with new and interesting styles emerging everyday within the genre itself. Learn how to create beats, basslines, intricate melodic phrases and more just like the professionals.

The course will go over production techniques starting with ways to create your own beat in different styles with tempo manipulation and beat looping.

We will also have a look at creating bassline riffs, effective use of syncopation, different ways to come up with melodic ideas to work over chord progressions and help you take advantage of Ableton Live’s creative workflow and sound design capabilities.