Organic Chocolate Farming
Location: Mangalore
Who is it for: MS /HS
What it is: 3 days Learning Organic farming
When it runs:  November  24 – 27, 2016
Where it’s held: Mangalore
Travel Cost Approx: 10000 INR – 12000 INR


C a c a o Tr a i l – the journey of chocolate
at Varanashi Organic Farms


farmLocated 50 km south-east of Mangalore, Varanashi Farms is about 50 acres of organically cultivated farm and forest. It has been a certified Organic Farm since 1993.

It’s a part of Varanashi Organic Farmers Society and is in the heart of Model Organic Village Projects by both Central and State Govt. It has multiple tropical crop system.

The environment out here is devoid of chemicals, pesticides,  pollution & distractions.  It is run by two Agronomists – Dr. VK Moorthy and Dr. Ashwini Krishnamoorthy.




childrenWith a 3-day schedule Cacao (Chocolate  nut)  Trail,  we hope to spring interest in children towards Organic Agriculture and Farming. Chocolate being the favourite food among children, journey of Chocolate gives the perfect learning platform to learn about agriculture. The farm belongs to the founder of CAMPCO.LTD. Cacao was first introduced in south India at this farm. Varanashi Farms is also one of the first farms in India to be Certified as  an Organic Farm. Now it has been over two decades since the soil,   water   or   air  here   has   seen   chemical  fertilizers