Spanish Program Offerings

Course name: Spanish for Little Learners
Grades: Pre k and Kindergarten
1 Hour

Hola! Your little learner will speak Spanish on Day 1 in a fun-filled, dynamic class customized for the preschool set. Hands-on, engaging early childhood activities are the order of the day. Playing, singing, dancing, puppetry, creating, and communicating in Spanish creates life-long speakers, and lovers, of Spanish. ¡Vámanos!  Let’s Go!



Course Name: KidzSpanish
Grades : 4 – 5
Duration: 1 hour to 2 hours

 Description: Learn to speak Spanish by having fun! Participants, or Amigos, will learn Spanish basics and conversation by playing games, competing in contests, playing sports, and engaging in fun activities. The emphasis is on communicating in Spanish the fun way.



Course Name: Speak Spanish Now!
Grades : 6 – 8
Learn conversational Spanish the easy, quick, and fun way! Participants, or Amigos, will communicate in Spanish on Day One with their classmates. Fun games, activities, and cool pop music and videos will surround Amigos in today’s Spanish. The emphasis is on practical, everyday Spanish conversation and learning about Hispanic cultures around the world.


General  Programs

Course Name: Around the World in 5 Days!
Grades : 2 – 3
Duration: 1 hour
Your child can be a world traveler in just a week! Each day our world travelers will go to a different country. Participants will learn basic information about each Country of the Day. Cultural fun and national facts will surround participants in songs, activities, dances, games, crafts, and snacks. Have your child become a world traveler and a global citizen early!