This voluntary program will be funded by ASB. Interested students can opt to participate in anything from a one week module to an entire four-week program. The list of courses can be accessed at this site:

General Information:
2015-2016 Intersession Dates:

  • Autumn I – 19th – 23rd Sept 2016
  • Autumn II – 24th – 26th Nov 2016 – (MS/HS Off Campus)
  • Winter I – 19th – 23rd Dec 2016
  • Winter II – 2nd – 6th Jan 2017
  • Spring I – 14th – 17th March 2017
  • Spring II – 28th – 30th April 2017
  • Summer 2017 – 12th June to 14th July 2017


Some courses are a week long and some are two weeks long. Some are half day or 1.5 to 2 hours in a day or full day. Prior to signing up, please look over all the course options and decide how you want your week(s) and days organized. There is limited space in all courses.  

Registration Process:

  • All courses within our Intersession program are organized as per the number of weeks. Please see examples below:
    • A course that has the prefix “W1” means that the course runs during Week 1.
    • Similarly, a course that has the prefix “W 1 & 2” means that the course will run for Weeks 1 & 2.
    • Please look for the prefix code for each course to identify the week(s) it will run.


  • A shuttle will run between the two campuses.
  • ASB will provide apartment pickups and drops for ASB students only.
  • However, it is imperative that parents complete the transportation form, for us to meet your need.
  • If your child is registered to travel by bus, and will not be using this service for unexpected reasons on a given day/s, it will be the responsibility of the parent to pass this information to the bus team and email This will help us in monitoring the safety of your child.

Student Equipment and Food:

  • A water bottle will be required. Water dispenser stations on each floor can be used to refill the water bottle.
  • Students must be appropriately dressed for physical courses, athletic wear, sneakers and hat / sunscreen in case of outdoor courses.
  • All students in any computer related courses will need to have their own computer/ laptop to help them program.
  • Students participating in swimming require a one piece swimsuit, goggles, towels, and a swim cap for long hair.
  • Wall Climbing course requirements: Our climbing wall stands almost 40 feet tall and has a 25 foot bouldering area. All students are advised to wear clean, indoor running or climbing shoes (narrow toes) or sneakers and we will supply the rest. Open toed shoes are not allowed. Equipment package includes harness, belay device, carabineer and helmet. No chewing gum or food of any type allowed in the climbing area.

Student Arrival:

  • All students engaged in courses scheduled at the Elementary School Campus (Kohinoor) – will meet in the ECEC MPH.
  • All students engaged in courses scheduled at the Secondary School Campus (BKC) – will meet in the MPH.
  • Please note: Students in morning or afternoon courses are to follow the same procedure.

Address for Elementary School Campus (ESC):

American School of Bombay,
Commercial 2, Tower 4, Kohinoor City,
Kirol Road, Off LBS Marg, Kurla (W), Mumbai 400 070
Contact Number: +91 22 6156 0600

Address for Secondary School Campus (SSC):

American School of Bombay,
SF 2, G Block,
Bandra Kurla Complex Road, Bandra (E),
Mumbai 400 098.
Contact Number: + 91 22 6772 7272

Students will be dismissed and guided to the help desk area of either campus after their last registered course. Parents are requested to be prompt for pick up.

In Between Courses:
Students enrolled in multiple courses will be supervised during their breaks between courses. Students can either engage in moving activities in the ECEC MPH or rest in the Activity room either watching a Movie or participating in board games.

Snack & Lunch:( Is a paid Service)
Snacks and drinks will be provided for all students. However, It is imperative that parents complete and submit the Snack/Lunch form for ASB to cater to their child(ren)’s need.
This link has been sent to you by email.

Health Office:
Full time Medical Staff will be present on both campuses for all Intersessions Programs.

All children are expected to maintain appropriate behavior during the program. If a child displays inappropriate, disruptive or disrespectful behavior we will first approach these situations with positive feedback. If a change of behavior is not seen, the child will be dismissed from the program and no refunds will be given.

Course Switches:
We request students and parents to honor the course selections they have made. There will be no course switches for students during the program.

In case of emergency, you will be contacted by one of our staff on your emergency contact number.

Student Absences:
If your child will be absent due to unforeseen reasons, parents are expected to inform the school.